Hello, and welcome here, people.

Who am I? I am this guy:

(no, not the bear)

What am I doing of my life? Who knows. Sometimes I travel to see the beauties of the world, like ICELAND, USA, JAPAN, UKRAINE.

... insert here new places to visit ...

Every now and then, I feel the urge to write some , and update this page. By the way, you can find the previous iterations here (2013), here (2014) and here (2015).

Sometimes I also write some code.

Things I've done and I'm proud of (almost):

- a music tracker, SPRINGTRACKER
- an unfinished game, called BLOCKZ
- a finished adventure game, 1-BIT ADVENTURE
- a tribute to Bubble Bobble, BUBBLE CANVAS
- a funny BASIC interpreter, CLOUDBASIC

Oh, I do photos, pen drawings, paintings and all that stuff.
(commercial break: you are going at fps)

Oh, probabily you (don't) want to leave a comment here.
At dantonag.it we've implemented a revolutionary anti-spam technology in comments: in order to write a comment, you have to play an oldskool game-and-watch style game and score at least 5 points. This guarantees that: 1) you are an intelligent being (maybe AlphaGo, but that's another story) 2) you like game-and-watch games.

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And thank you for visiting dantonag.it. Come back soon!

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