That guy you see above is *me*, strange uh?

And, you wouldn't believe it, I'm the result of about [loading...] seconds of life, 506.437,5 calories of pizza margherita and 15 square feet of swallowed water, 156.000 kilometers travelled by car, on my bike, with an aeroplane, by train, by boat and raft, 108.000 hours of sleep and a gazillion of discussions on the existence of aliens in the universe.

Ah, forgot this, and 253 sci-fi books eaten up.

Now, if you want to go ahead with something more interesting than existential statistics that build a man, you can directly click on the links in the upper menu to see my CV, my photos or anything else. Otherwise, you can continue reading the next paragraphs, where I'll speak about the milestones and passions that signed those fast years I've lived. Nah, maybe it's better if you click on the links. You know, it's proven that the average time an user stays on a webpage is something like 10 or 20 seconds.

But those 10 or 20 seconds, if you've read up here, have just passed.


I've played almost any kind of instrument.
From drums to Hang. From piano to bass guitar. From the iPad apps to the Korg Radias. From a violin to a strange armonic percussion instrument I've seen in Porta Portese (that's a flea market in Rome).

No, music ain't always fun.

When I was a boy, I've studied piano for thousand of hours, in the most unthinkable places. Mostly in houses with wallpaper on the walls, just not to loose my habit. If you are preparing an important music exam, you study up to 4 hours a day. And I did the less important exams. Playing an instrument is like being a medic: you need passion. But at the end you can trust a medic. Almost.

After a youth spent doing rock, I think I've come to my artistic apex with a band called "The Jazzwave". That band played, obviously, jazz. Below you can find what Jazzwave left to posterity: the recording of a live in a particular evening of april 2012.


One day, so much time ago, I've bought a camera. Well, it wasn't that much time, since the machine was a 21 megapixel Canon. I started shooting without even doing a photography course or even knowing how exactly that thing worked. Instead, every day, after work, I wandered across the city of Rome with my Canon, mostly at the golden hour (at sunset) - I discovered almost immediately that photos are better if shot when the sun goes down. Even more if you crank up the saturation in Lightroom.

Then thieves broke into my house and stole my Canon and its fantastic 50mm lens.

Hurt but not defeated, I've bought another camera.
You can observe the result of those years of roaming here below, or better, in the appropriate page.

And women?

Women. Ah, women, how to forget them. What would we, men, do without women? Probably we wouldn't write songs, we wouldn't stay under balconies bathing ourselves when it's raining. We wouldn't be that kind of dreamers and dummy beings that instead we are. Ah, women. How would we live without women. Probably we'd live 10 years more. This is why a woman lives on average 10 years more than a man, trust me.

Who doesn't jealously bring with him some secret memory of a woman? Should I go ahead some more with this retorical questions or is it better if I stop here? Better stopping, otherwise I would get annoying.

The only thing I'm sure of, from the heights of my 37 years, is that, more or less, everything we do we do it for a woman. Or for a man. For your little, fluffy, hairy plumber.